The Artist - Ben Koelker Photo

Ben Koelker grew up outside of La Crosse, WI, in a valley of farmland below a ridge overlooking the Mississippi River. Natural scenic beauty is something that has always been a part of life, and his parents instilled in he and his brother Mark a respect for this and the hard work associated with living in an area of rugged wonder. Since moving to Colorado in the spring of 2004, he's devoted his life to searching out the far-away, awe inspiring places that abound in this state and elsewhere. Ben's also had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 18 months old, and pushing himself in the mountains while dealing with it's ups and downs has given his photography a different perspective. This website is a showcase of the amazing things going on in the places he's gone to in search of that next "moment of awe" which could come around each new corner. Through skiing, biking, mountain climbing, hunting, camping and chasing it all with a camera, the best friends and places of the world have opened themselves up to Ben, and he hopes that the pictures on this site will help to share these moments with you. Weddings, portraits, events and product shoots have more recently rounded out his photography portfolio, and he's exceptionally grateful to those who've chosen his work. Ben would like to thank: Honey Stinger, Predator Camo, Canon Cameras, Mountain Weekly News, Edwards Chiropractic, his fiance, Christine, and everyone else out there who's helped him along the way!



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